The International academy of Culture and Arts its President Mr. Petr Stronsky conducts vigorous creative and educational annually organize open-airs in different foreign countries which became one of the areas of work of the Academy. Some works, done by Mr. Petr Stronsky in Malta (see below) Academy news: In September, 2015 in the region of the northeast coast of the Black Sea visiting art session took place. From 20th to 27th of June 2015 Plein-air by the Academy of Culture and Arts took place at the Castle of baroness Medinskaya in Brunovce city, Slovak Republic.

IPPO Malta

The Malta Academy of Arts is being run under the patronage of IPPO Malta.

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Academy of Art

IPPO Malta is a represantive of the International Academy of Culture and Art, overseeing local news to promote Culture and Art in Malta.

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