Kindly confirm with return main your attendance. Contact number 9942 9997 (Irina) Please send your name in full (for the Certificates of participation) You will also have flyers with name of all participants.

The International Academy of Culture and Art ( invites to cooperate - the talented people living on Malta.

Idea holding a joint exhibition: to unite under the flag of the International Academy of Culture and Art on Malta talented inhabitants of our island, to acquaint them with the Maltese artists that, in consequence, to organize joint art exhibitions and actions.

Persons interested till June 14 need to submit the application by e-mail for and to send a photo of 1-2 works, having specified the name and the sizes of cloths, having written about itself some lines, to leave contact number. Participants will receive the certificate of Academy and opportunity to participate in master classes, to continue education in an internal and correspondence form, to enter the Creative association and Youth office of Academy opened in recent years.

Looking forward for future the fruitful cooperating.

Kindly confirm that you received my correspondence, please. Kind regards, Dame Irina Malikova President of IPPO MALTA Director of the IACA MALTA and

IPPO Malta

The Malta Academy of Arts is being run under the patronage of IPPO Malta.

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Academy of Art

IPPO Malta is a represantive of the International Academy of Culture and Art, overseeing local news to promote Culture and Art in Malta.

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