From 20th to 27th of June 2015 delegation of artists of International academy of culture and art participated international art symposium (plein-air) that was held at the Castle of baroness Medinskaya in Brunovce city, Slovak Republic. IACA was presented by President of IACA, Honored artist of The Russian Federation, Academician of Russian academy of arts Petr Stronskiy; corresponding member of IACA, Honored artist of the Russian Federation Anton Stekolshchikov; corresponding member of IACA, Honored artist of the Russian Federation Igor Mashkov; corresponding members of IACA Igor Keremetskiy, Alexey Gilyarov, Liubov Dolgikh; and members of youngers section of IACA Kseniya Stekolshchikova and Timofey Boev.
These plein-airs are organized by corresponding members of IACA Jaroslav Macek and Milan Malcek, who are founders of Art union of Detva city (Slovak Republic). They organize such plein-airs for 15 years and for 7 years they do it in the Castle of Baroness Medinskaya. Members if IACA participate these events every year and are always happy to come and work in beautiful area and share their art experience with other painters coming there from different countries and continents. In year 2015 artists from Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine created their paintings in the Castle. During the period of plein-air artists had an opportunity to visit the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava, old castles Trencin and Beckov, and also the famous termal water resorts in Piestany. At the last evening artists opened an exhibition where they presented their works made during plein-air. Each artist presented 2 paintings to the organizers. The main result achieved by holding such events is that Detva city presented to Art union of Detva a beautiful old historical building in the center of Detva to open an art museum in it, and nowadays everybody coming to Detva usually visit the museum.

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